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Within Coffs Harbour Cycle Club runs the Coffs Coast Mountain Biking group. The group is aimed at all ages and skill levels with a focus on enjoying the local area and both man-made and natural trails. Coffs Coast Mountain Biking has more than 70 members and is run by its’ own committee, with some common committee members sitting on the CHCC club committee as well.

We run activities for all ages and skill levels and encourage people to enjoy the wonderful man-made and natural trails in our area.  There are regular social rides and working bees, and we organise races. However, we recognise that many riders, especially beginners, find racing intimidating, so it’s not compulsory!

For those who do want to race, or at least try it, we organise low-key, informal events designed to build confidence. If you enjoy those, you can try a relaxed club event before progressing to inter-club and regional events. 


We’re keen on skills development for juniors and beginners and support women-only activities. Overall, the emphasis is on enjoyment, rather than competition, though there are plenty of opportunities to get competitive if you want. We have way-marked trails to help newcomers find their way around.

Take a look at a couple of local trails on Trail Fork, Cows With Guns and The Sawmill


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