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Virtual Racing – Zwift

For the period that outdoor racing is restricted, Coffs Harbour Cycle Club will be running a virtual racing series on Zwift. The primary goal is to keep us socially connected, but also to stay race fit, and maybe learn some new race tactics. The purpose of this article is to provide all the information you need to join in the fun.

What do I need to join the team?

  1. A basic Zwift setup – bike, indoor trainer, zwift account.
  2. Discord account – this will allow us to communicate using voice while racing.
  3. ZwiftPower account – the only legit place for race results.
  4. Join our Facebook group – to plan events, discuss race tactics/how we went, etc.

1) Getting setup on Zwift

If you’ve never used Zwift, here’s a good intro to get started:

2) Discord

Zwift only supports text messages which are very difficult to do in the heat of a race, so we’ll use the Discord app to chat – sort of like having a private race radio. Even if you don’t want to talk, it’s still worth having this setup to listen to whats going on with the team.

  1. Create an account with Discord on their website:
  2. Join our Discord server via this link:

While it’s possible to run Zwift and Discord on the same device, you might find it easier to run them on separate devices (e.g. Discord on your phone with earbuds, Zwift on your laptop). To use it on your phone, search the app store for Discord and install it. If using it from a PC you will need a mic.

If you’re new to Discord there’s a great intro video here:

3) ZwiftPower (ZP)

ZwiftPower is an independent website created with the main purpose of publishing race results from Zwift (which were initially absent in-game). They provide a whole lot more detail than you get in Zwift, but most importantly they go a long way to eliminating cheats. For this reason, most serious racers disregard the results in Zwift and look only to ZwiftPower. However, for this to work you need to give ZwiftPower access to your race data (from Zwift) and create an account on ZwiftPower.

  1. Determine your “Zwift ID” using one of the methods here (you will need this in the next step):
  2. Getting connected to ZwiftPower is a multistep process that confuses a lot of people. Both of the following articles explain what you need to do. The first one is the clearest, the second is the ‘official’ one:
  3. Once your connected to ZP, join our ZP team here (click the ‘Join CHCC’ button top right):

4) Facebook group

Head over to Facebook and join our virtual racing team group here:

If you have any further questions, please post on the Coffs Harbour Cycle Club Virtual Racing Team Facebook group.

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